Monday, November 11, 2013

Corps and Criminals: Update #3

Remember back in September when I said I'd be posting more regular updates? Well, that was before I knew I had a baby on the way and an impending move. Sorry about that.

Just because I haven't updated in two months doesn't mean I haven't been working on Psi-punk though. The new Corps and Criminals book is coming along quite nicely. I have finished the first draft, and now it's a matter of refining, tweaking, and polishing.

The book now sits at 26,738 words, or about 71 mildly-formatted pages in MS Word.

Chapter 4: Mafias is complete with 7 mega criminal empires to add to your games. Each contains NPC write-ups for the mafia's leadership characters as well as stats for common mooks, thugs, and underlings.

If anyone is interested in doing some first-pass proofreading in exchange for a sneak peak at the book, let me know!

Fire Starters

In case you don't follow the Accessible Games Blog, I also recently released a systemless book called Fire Starters: 10 Adventure Seeds to Spark Your Cyberpunk Campaign. These adventure seeds are designed to help you get the imagination started if you're having trouble coming up with a plot for your cyberpunk campaign, and they fit particularly well with Psi-punk.

For more information about Fire Starters, check out the official page.