Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corps and Criminals Update #2

I've been spending a lot of time on the Accessible Games Blog lately talking about Monster Kart Mayhem, another new Fudge-compatible game I've been developing lately. That doesn't mean I have stopped work on Corps and Criminals though, and here's proof.

Category As of July 26th Update As of September 12th
Word Count 14,695 22,745
# Mega-Corps 8 8
# Cartels 5 12
# Gangs 11 14

As you can see, I've added 8,000 words, 7 Cartels, and 3 new gangs since our last update. Additionally, I've added a new chapter that is still in the works: Chapter 4: Mafias.

Unlike cartels, mafias are criminal organizations that rival megacorps in terms of influence and wealth. They are often comprised of many people of similar ethnic backgrounds and origins, but they're not always so exclusive.

New details about how to use a mafia in your game, including how to tailor a campaign to fit in with characters who may have a mafia in their background, are also included in the new sourcebook.

That's the general overview of the updates over the last 6 weeks. My goal is to be more regular in these updates and provide specific details about the new organizations you'll find in the upcoming sourcebook as the weeks move on.

Other than detailed organizations and bits of information about how to use them in your game (both from GM and player perspectives) what else would you like to see in the Corps and Criminals sourcebook? Would you like short adventure seeds to help you get your GM juices flowing, or detailed background Gift/Fault packages for your players? Let me know in the comments!