Monday, July 8, 2013

Psi-punk Contest Entry: The Cabal

The Psi-punk Corps and Criminals Contest recently came to a close and now I have the very difficult task of choosing a winner. Before I tackle that herculean feat, I'd like to thank +Christopher Helton of the +Dorkland Blog! both for suggesting and hosting this great contest.

I received five entries total, which is perfect because there are five days in a business week. That means each day I'll post one entry, in the order I received them, for all of you to enjoy.

Feel free to cast your votes and influence my decision. All of these entries were great and it's going to be hard to decide without some help!

First up, I present The Cabal:

The Cabal is a criminal cartel that trafficks in black market magic. For the most part, the Cabal simply sells stolen magic at prices just under the standard retail (it's 100% profit to them, after all). The Cabal controls hundreds of small-time, back-alley vendors, dozens of retail franchises, and even has stakes in other cartels (especially ghost cartels). However, selling stolen magic is only part of the Cabal's business. They also employ (or kidnap) psi-researchers and magineers to study the psi-tech they sell and make dangerous modifications. This so-called "black magic" is highly effective (often rivalling even the abilities of powerful psychics) but it is also extremely dangerous. The use of black magic is often addicting and can drive even the sanest user to fits of rage and hallucination after extended use. The Cabal keeps close tabs on all pieces of black magic that they sell and they employ their own rotating force of black-magic-using ghosts and assassins dubbed "warlocks".
The leader of the Cabal, referred to only as Arch even by the highest ranking members, is very thorough veiled by magic and black magic, but in the criminal underworld, rumors fly thick and fast. The latest round of whispers claims that Arch has found a new and powerful backer or partner and that the Cabal is preparing for something big. These rumors can never be trusted, but even the lowest rung street runners have noticed the recent influx of high-level magic and black magic from the Cabal.
Thanks to Andrew Y. for this great submission. I think it's pretty awesome. What do you think?