Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Contest Entry: Nuevo Horizonte Médico

 In today's update, I present a new corporation in the medical services industry. They have some pretty shady business practices, but don't most corporations?
Thanks to RJ Stewart for the submission!

What is your corporation's name?  
Nuevo Horizonte Médico (New Horizons Medical)
What is their industry of expertise?
Medical services mostly confined in the South and Central America areas, and some Caribbean Nations. They also have contracts in some cities in the regions of Southern California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They have subsidiaries that are out to design and patent new methods of gene therapy, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, and transplant methods and technology.
They operate street level medical facilities in most of their areas: affordable medical care for everyday people. A few major hospitals as well, but they have found it much more lucrative to target lower end medical facilities, instead of larger and more costly to maintain markets.
How do they operate?
To say many find them shady would be an understatement. But since they’ve cornered the market in areas for low cost health care for the common person, they’re seen as a necessary evil. They have maybe 10 total major metropolitan hospitals to their name, but hundreds of smaller clinics. A few other corporations, including fellow megacorps have allowed them to open up clinics and ambulatory care facilities even in their own areas, buildings and arcologies due to their specialties. This of course gives them some access to people who are in other corporations. The smarter partnerships keep them on a tight leash when in such an arrangement.
To many they fly under the radar, not seeming to be anything but a ‘cheap alternative competitor’ to Medical Services International in the Separatist States.
However, one byproduct of their major method of cash inflow is a very large, variable test bed for new technologies they have developed, paying handsomely to some who would volunteer to test anything that needs testing, but they wish to bypass government level controls and standards, in countries in which they aren’t in some form of influence on the governing bodies.
They are known for being aggressive against competitors in their home regions, using shadow operations to facilitate anything from takeovers, corporate espionage, and rumored to even support ‘wetwork’ jobs against executives of rivals that refuse their influence.
Briefly describe their corporate culture.
As a culture, they seem to be very aloof, and overbearing. It’s safe to assume that any normal worker fears for their family and job if they are in the know on anything that goes on behind the scenes. They pay their people well, and the medical benefits are some of the best outside of MSI’s. But there are some former employees, extracted from their services, that go on record as saying that they fear their families and friends would end up in some test laboratory as a new guinea pig for a genetic therapy or worse.
The normal visage though is that of doctors and medical clinic technicians who are happy, paid well, and not at the whim of MSI’s over-watch culture. They openly recruit at universities in impoverished countries, mostly at schools that have medical training facilities they helped fund and support.  
The other side is of course research personnel, who are often hidden from public eyes. Word has it, it’s this side of the coin that is paid the best, and kept under the most control as well.
What else should we know about them?
Mostly rumors, but some have suggested that Nuevo Horizonte Médico are linked to quite a few cartels in the countries they operate in, many of them specializing in finding ‘lab test subjects’ for use in testing new procedures and products. Or worse, cartels that would find them body parts for some of their transplants they’ve been working on.
Some have speculated that they have a very secret wing that is working on how to transplant the parts of the human brain responsible for psionic powers. While some corporations have worked on how to mimic psionics with cybernetic enhancements, some out there see this as being 2nd rate to having the powers yourself.
They have had quite a few ethics complaints put against them. Some have even challenged that they use kidnapped test subjects, taken from homeless populations.
It’s said that, like their chief rival, MSI, the legal department of Nuevo Horizonte Médico are some of the best in keeping things from sticking to them.