Friday, July 12, 2013

Contest Entry: Fantasma Biotécnica, a Cartel by Gwenhwyvar Gray

And finally, contest entry number five. This one's a cartel by Gwenhwyvar Gray.

This is the last of the five entries I received. Every entry has been fantastic, and I look forward to seeing one or more of them in the upcoming Corps and Criminals sourcebook!

What is your cartel's name? Fantasma Biotécnica

What kind of cartel is it? The Fantasma Biotécnica cartel deals in illegally-modified cybernetic implants, limbs and subsystems. They purchase everything from stolen brain matter to machinery and refine them into concrete, usable merchandise. They’re headquartered in Rio de Janeiro.

How does the cartel operate? Fantasma Biotécnica actively funds small-time mercenary gangs and grey slavers, turning their raw materials into illicit goods. They play the role of middleman, but occasionally will be able to provide implantation services directly, though generally for their members only. They also take legal cybernetics and modify them, everything from stripping materials for reinforcement to overclocking internal CPU’s, or crafting actual brain matter implants, most notably psionic implants that function the way they had for their less-than-fortunate first owners, not simply mimicking their powers. The latter in particular brings them infamy in the region, as it’s reasonably well-known that they are the result of grey slavery, though this has yet to be thoroughly proven by any authorities.
 What else should we know? While the cartel is generally white collar work, they outsource their security to gangs, often the same ones who bring them their raw materials. This gives them a distinctly threatening presence, as they can quite capably organize street level violence.