Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Contest Entry: Espessura

Another great entry into the Psi-punk Giveaway Contest, a gang named Espessura by Merry Wilson.

What is your gang's name?
Espessura (a.k.a Thick)

Who is their leader?
Espessura’s leader is known as Alma Escura (Dark Soul).  He is a well organized leader, especially for a gang leader.  He rose to the position after confronting and taking down his predecessor, Bicho Feio, during a rival gang raid that lasted three weeks.  Many members were lost in the first two weeks due to the poor leadership skills of Bicho Feio, so Alma Escura straight out killed him, claimed himself the new leader, then organized the remaining members and was able to regain control of their territory.  He demands respect from his members, and is quick to remind any that get out of line who is in control.  His ability to organize his members to keep the gang out of trouble with local and government authorizes eventual caught the eye of a local cartel known as Fantasma Biotécnica (see entry by Gwen Gray).  He has positioned himself, and his gang to work with the cartel in hopes of being “promoted” into the big leagues.

How big is their turf? (Street, neighborhood, city, county)  
On the surface it would appear that the gang covers a few neighborhoods at most, but in reality Oscura has become the leader of a few once-rival gangs and has brought them all together as a united group and thus his territory now covers two-thirds of the city of Rio de Janeiro.  He has organized the gang into five or six sectors, each maintaining their original areas, and unique symbolism; but each are well aware of their brother gang and do not cross the other unless directed to do so.  Sometimes it is necessary to keep up a façade of rivalries between them to authorities.  

What is the gang's method of operation? (Do they vandalize property for fun, steal electronics, smuggle illicit goods, etc.)
The gang as a whole is focused on protecting their streets, especially around the cartel’s operations and assists the cartel by helping to supply them with test subjects.  Each section of the gang is responsible for certain tasks and within each section members are organized on levels of ability.  Some members are used as “petty thugs” who steal valuables, vandalize, or get in petty fights with rival gangs, while other members collect test subjects for the cartel operations.  Those at the bottom or new recruits that do not show any promise in his eyes are quickly set-up and used as scapegoats with the authorities, rival gangs, or become test subjects themselves.  The petty crimes committed are usually more to keep up appearances of a typical gang.

What is their symbol or identifying factor (tattoos, crazy implants, certain color or style of hair, etc.)
Each section of the gang is made to keep their identifying symbols and colors, but all members are marked with a tattoo of three thick lines across the back of their neck, with a small knick on either side of the middle line at its center.  Each section has a color combination of blue/black, red/black, green/black, orange/black, etc. which are shown in the colors in their hats, or a ribbon worn around their left bicep.

What else should we know about the gang?
The Fantasma Biotécnica cartel, in return, help fund the arms and supplies needed for Espessura by buying test subjects as well as any other useful material collected by the gang. Some successful test subjects are returned to the gang as more useful members and stationed as such by Escura.