Monday, June 24, 2013

Pre-Generated Characters for Psi-punk

I realized something a couple of days ago: there aren't any readily-available examples of Psi-punk characters for people to view. Wouldn't it be great to see a few pre-gen character examples?

I thought so too.

I've put together a package of 4 pre-generated characters for you to use with any Psi-punk game, or to use as an example for how to fill out a Psi-punk character sheet. These characters were used during the last convention game I ran, and everyone really seemed to enjoy them.

Click here to download the a zip file. 

All character sheets were created using the form-fillable PDF character sheet.

What do you think? Do these help spark your imagination, or at least serve as a good example? Do you have your own Psi-punk characters that you'd like to share?

Finally, remember to submit your entries for the Psi-punk PDF Giveaway Contest, due July 7th.