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World's Edge Arena Preview

I'm in the process of moving and my primary desktop PC is currently about 60 miles away in another city. Since I'm using my wife's laptop at the moment, I'm not working much on Corps and Criminals or the World's Edge Arena; though I could access those files via my Google Drive, I find it hard to get any actual work done while using this keyboard. Hopefully by next week I'll have my reliable computer set up at the new apartment and will be able to get back to work, but in the meantime I'll share some of the progress on World's Edge.

At this point, I've decided to make World's Edge Arena a micro-supplement for Psi-punk. It won't be a full 64 pages like Corps and criminals, but it will contain plenty of things to do, see, and fight. GMs will have a lot of new material for plot hooks and campaign ideas, and players may get a few cool ideas for characters to play who will fit into the setting.

As it stands right now, World's Edge is about 13 pages of unformatted text, which may translate into about 8 pages formatted. It currently contains a backdrop for the setting, including the arena itself, the nearby town of Punta arenas, Chile, and more.

The arena is structured like a television season, with each episode encompassing one fight. Since all of the matches are televised, it's a bit like a reality TV show with extra blood and gore.

Each contestant may be on a team of 1 to 8 warriors, and there are 8 teams per season. Each team begins their season with two separate matches against psionically-controlled, cybernetically-enhanced preadatory animals. if they survive the first two rounds, they go on to fight in a single-elimination tournament with the rest of the teams.

Wealth is earned for each match completed and is divided evenly amongst all team members, so people on smaller teams may earn more money. In addition to battling one another, each team also vies for the audience's favor and may gain special perks if they've managed to woo the audience enough.

With such a huge arena nearby to draw tourists, the nearby town of Punta Arenas is thriving more than ever. That also means there's a lot of new civil strife as wealthy foreigners show up and move into the town that was traditionally populated by old farm and factory workers with relatively little wealth. There's plenty to do and see around town, and there's plenty for mercenaries and vigilantes to do as well.

Interested in seeing everything there is so far? I've made the document available for viewing and commenting. Let me know what you think!

World's Edge Arena

Friday, November 15, 2013

World's Edge Arena

If you missed it, be sure to check out the update on Corps and Criminals. The first draft of the book is now complete, and I"m awaiting feedback from some folks I've sent it to.

While waiting for that feedback, I decided to take some inspiration I got from reading Fields of Blood and Honor, a systemless guidebook to using arenas in your games, and begin work on another small supplement for Psi-punk.

World's Edge Arena is a gladiatorial blood sport which is televised worldwide and is quite popular. I drew a lot of inspiration from other modern/futuristic/Sci-Fi arenas like Mojoverse, Running Man, Thunderdome, and Smash TV.

Expect a distinctly Psi-punk twist to the World's Edge, though. There aren't many other arenas in which psychically-controled, cybernetically-enhanced panthers are the norm.

Here's the short introductory chapter:

World’s Edge Arena

At the edge of the world, in the still largely-untamed land of Patagonia, there is a place where athletes, soldiers, street runners, and thrill-seekers gather to test their mettle. The land is harsh, with relatively low average temperatures and intense wind, but that’s not what draws these people here. In this remote and unforgiving landscape lies a gladiatorial arena where men, women, and animals of all stripes compete in deadly blood sports far from the watchful gaze of governments and mega-corps.

Known as the World’s Edge Arena, this 50,000 square-foot stadium of death was built in 2085 by young trillionaire  Scott Turner. When asked why he built the complex in Patagonia, Turner responded:

“I heard about this place in Chile called Punta Arenas. Arenas. That’s just perfect for an arena, you know?”

The fact that Punta Arenas means “Sandy Point” was completely lost on Turner.
Regardless of his motives, Turner built the World’s Edge Arena to sate the public’s growing hunger for blood sports. Athletic competitions throughout the world are too safe, he said in an interview, and what the public really wanted to see was blood and gore and death. World’s Edge offers all three.

“Why do people watch American-style football, or ice hockey, or rugby?” asks Turner rhetorically. “For the violence, man! Deep down, we all want to see people get crushed. And with the restrictions on cybernetics in contact sports, we’re just not getting that anymore.”

“Sure,” he adds, “you can always tune into the cyberweight kickboxing leagues, and that’s cool. I really love Tommy ‘Two Tons’ Thompson as much as the next guy. But it’s like, at the end of the day, those guys just get slapped with a couple stem packs and they’re good as new. Everyone knows there’s no risk. People like risk. It’s exciting!”

At World’s Edge Arena, contestants enter a stadium with constantly shifting terrain and environmental hazards. Men and women from all walks of life enter in teams of one to eight and battle against carnivorous animals, androids, and—during the season finals—other teams of live humans.

Each event is broadcast worldwide to millions of viewers from any country where the matches haven’t yet been banned. An additional 100,000 rabid fans pack the stadium each night. Despite the broadcast already being in its 11th season, World’s Edge ratings are still climbing at a steady rate.

“I moved to Patagonia just to get to attend every match live,” says super-fan Allen Greenspan, 32. “I just couldn’t justify the travel expenses to my wife anymore. It’s like, I was spending so much time here, I might as well just make Argentina my home.”

When corrected about Punta Arenas being in Chile, not Argentina, Greenspan added: “Oh, right. Chile. Whatever. Hey, is this going to be in the news? Hi Lisa! Wish you were here!”

The Real Full Contact Sport

Turner’s arena features what he claims to be “the most realistic blood sport since Roman times.” Indeed, he modeled the competition after ancient gladiatorial combat, albeit with a modern twist.

“We just replace spears and nets with guns and Tasers. Instead of just throwing people to mundane lions, we pit them against cybernetically-enhanced, mind-controlled beasts capable of human reasoning. Those old-fashioned lions wouldn’t be much of a challenge against modern weapons, you know?”

It isn’t just an open battlefield where opponents clash and claw at each other until only one is left standing, either. Turner’s arena is an indoor jungle with plenty of room to maneuver and hide. It takes a skilled hunter to track and kill his enemy, and an alert hunter to avoid getting mauled to death by a panther.

The dense vegetation would make for a terrible viewing experience if it weren’t for the chase cams each contestant (including the animals) wears. Viewers are treated to a first-person view of all of the action, and real-time predictive algorithms are in place to ensure the best view at all times.

“I just love when they cut to a shot of a panther stalking up on some guy,” says Alita Monroe, 24. “The last thing he sees is his life flash before his eyes, but we get to see the back of his exposed neck as the cat rips into it!”

“It’s a djungle  in there,” remarks Gunther P., a college student from the GEU. “You never know who ist going to get ze drop on whom.”

One might wonder how the arena manages to attract so many contestants, when they each know their life may be forfeit just for entering. To date, World’s Edge has a death toll of 4,257 men and women, not to mention many more animals. Despite the decreased life expectancy of anyone who enters, the sport’s numbers aren’t diminishing.

“We offer great cash prizes to all of the winners,” explains Turner. “If you win an evening at the World’s Edge, you’re set for a year at least. The lucky few who take first place might be set for life. However long that may be.”

When asked about the supply of animals, many of which are endangered species, Turner reveals his secret: “The animals, they’re all clones. We’ve got those stupid animal rights activists barking at us all the time as it is, there’s no way we could get away with using the real thing. But clones, there’s and endless supply of those. And we recycle the parts.”

Too Legit to… Wait, What?

Despite its popularity, many world powers have tried to bring an end to Turner’s operations. Governments, mega-corps, and local authorities have allmade unsuccessful attempts to shut down the World’s Edge, but Turner isn’t worried.

“We’re a totally legit operation, you know?” Turner said. “We pay our one percent tax to Chile, and we operate in a country where blood sports were totally made legal just before we moved in.”

Turner continues: “But other countries and companies want to shut me down. MarkeTech doesn’t like that I run a sporting event they don’t own. The NAU doesn’t like that I’m an expatriate and spending all my money in a foreign country. And Punta Arenas, well, their cops are a bit concerned about the increased crime rate as children emulate what they’re seeing on TV and at our stadium.”

Even though he has a lot of enemies in high places, Turner has a lot of friends in high places, too. World’s Edge is a popular sporting event in the Oceanic League, the Asia-Pacific Union, and throughout the Greater European Union. Only the Arab League and Sub-Sahara seem to have any complaints about his broadcasts, and Turner doesn’t seem bothered by that.

“You know, they don’t have to like it. IF it’s not for them, that’s cool.” Says Turner. “But the NAU, you know. They eat this stuff up, but their government just wants to collect. But they’re not getting any from me.”

The Future of World’s Edge

World’s Edge Arena is in its 11th season and still going strong. This year they expect to see less growth than in previous years, but Turner believes that’s because they’ve already reached their saturation point. Despite that, World’s Edge Arena is constantly looking for new recruits to participate in the sport.

“We’ll take anyone with combat training, whether it’s formal or informal,” says Turner. “We’ve had everything from GEU soldiers to cab drivers with a lot of pent up road rage.”

Turner assures us the next season of World’s Edge is going to be huge. “It’s going to be bigger and bloodier than ever. We’re still looking for a few more teams for next season. And we have this big new event planned that I don’t want to give away, but let’s just say it goes ‘RAAR!’”

This story brought to you by Celes Calderon, Independent News Network.

Hopefully you enjoyed this first look. This supplement is still in its early stages of development, but I look forward to fleshing it out.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Corps and Criminals: Update #3

Remember back in September when I said I'd be posting more regular updates? Well, that was before I knew I had a baby on the way and an impending move. Sorry about that.

Just because I haven't updated in two months doesn't mean I haven't been working on Psi-punk though. The new Corps and Criminals book is coming along quite nicely. I have finished the first draft, and now it's a matter of refining, tweaking, and polishing.

The book now sits at 26,738 words, or about 71 mildly-formatted pages in MS Word.

Chapter 4: Mafias is complete with 7 mega criminal empires to add to your games. Each contains NPC write-ups for the mafia's leadership characters as well as stats for common mooks, thugs, and underlings.

If anyone is interested in doing some first-pass proofreading in exchange for a sneak peak at the book, let me know!

Fire Starters

In case you don't follow the Accessible Games Blog, I also recently released a systemless book called Fire Starters: 10 Adventure Seeds to Spark Your Cyberpunk Campaign. These adventure seeds are designed to help you get the imagination started if you're having trouble coming up with a plot for your cyberpunk campaign, and they fit particularly well with Psi-punk.

For more information about Fire Starters, check out the official page.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Corps and Criminals Gangs: Cyberwave

Gangs come in many varieties, and they're not necessarily the street thugs we commonly associate with the term. Here's one such example of a group of people who don't exactly fit the strict definition of a gang but may be able to cause plenty of problems for people.


Turf: Neighborhood
Leader: D.J. Flash
Cyberwave is a group of older teenagers and 20-somethings who gather in abandoned warehouses to have fun, party, and rave to their heart’s content. They follow a musician known as D.J. Flash who handles all of the music at their club parties, which is a special blend of ultra-modern techno and post-industrial rock.

The trend in the group is to don ever bigger, brighter, and flashier streetware to really make a scene. Initiates usually show up sporting case lights (flashing lights affixed to one’s skull) while long-term members have gone so far as to mod their entire torsos with colored tattoos that shift in time with the music’s beat.

Cyberwave seem to be mostly harmless at first glance, but the amount of drugs pumping through their systems has a tendency to cause a lot of bad trips and violent outbursts. D.J. Flash insists It’s not his place to tell people how to act at a party and refuses to take responsibility, but some claim he puts subliminal, psychological, and possibly psychically-charged hidden messages in his music that causes listeners to become unnecessarily agitated.

Parties usually occur at night in abandoned warehouses where breaking and entering is common but largely unpunished. During the day, the group is encouraged to spread word of their gatherings and recruit even more members. Their numbers have been steadily increasing and Cyberwave regularly moves to larger warehouses. It isn’t certain, but hushed whispers speak of how D.J. Flash must be gathering recruits for some larger and more sinister purpose.

Common Cyberwave Member

ODFs +3; DDFs -1 (normally +1/+1, but they use Aggressive posture when drugged up and agitated)
Weapon: Knives, clubs, or small handguns (Range: Good, Rof: S; Reload: 3)
Wound Levels: 1-2 (Scratched), 3-4 (Hurt), 5+ (Incapacitated)

D.J. Flash

ODFs +4; DDFs +4
Manipulation: Superb; Specialization: Bluff
Artistic: Great
Social (Informal): Great
Gifts: Telepathy [Great]; mind control [Great]
Faults: Hidden motives
Luck Points: 1
Wound Levels: Normal wound track

What do you think of Cyberwave? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corps and Criminals Update #2

I've been spending a lot of time on the Accessible Games Blog lately talking about Monster Kart Mayhem, another new Fudge-compatible game I've been developing lately. That doesn't mean I have stopped work on Corps and Criminals though, and here's proof.

Category As of July 26th Update As of September 12th
Word Count 14,695 22,745
# Mega-Corps 8 8
# Cartels 5 12
# Gangs 11 14

As you can see, I've added 8,000 words, 7 Cartels, and 3 new gangs since our last update. Additionally, I've added a new chapter that is still in the works: Chapter 4: Mafias.

Unlike cartels, mafias are criminal organizations that rival megacorps in terms of influence and wealth. They are often comprised of many people of similar ethnic backgrounds and origins, but they're not always so exclusive.

New details about how to use a mafia in your game, including how to tailor a campaign to fit in with characters who may have a mafia in their background, are also included in the new sourcebook.

That's the general overview of the updates over the last 6 weeks. My goal is to be more regular in these updates and provide specific details about the new organizations you'll find in the upcoming sourcebook as the weeks move on.

Other than detailed organizations and bits of information about how to use them in your game (both from GM and player perspectives) what else would you like to see in the Corps and Criminals sourcebook? Would you like short adventure seeds to help you get your GM juices flowing, or detailed background Gift/Fault packages for your players? Let me know in the comments!

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Psi-punk at VirtuaCon '13

Psi-punk is coming to VirtuaCon '13! Player sign-ups went live yesterday, August 26th, and slots are filling up fast. If you'd like a chance to play Psi-punk with me via Google Hangouts, head on over to the Player Sign-up Announcement.

Wait, What's VirtuaCon?

Unofficially dubbed "the best 3 days in virtual gaming," VirtuaCon is's online convention. 

Here's what RPGGeek officially has to say:

Virtuacon is the gaming convention you attend from the comfort of your own home. It is happening Friday October 18th through Sunday October 20th, 2013. Like traditional conventions, we've got industry speakers, plenty of slotted gaming events, contests, and $1500 in prizes thanks to our generous sponsors! Our focus is on Role-Playing games, but if you've played and enjoyed games like Castle Ravenloft, Shadow Hunters or Shadows over Camelot, you are sure to find some amazing adventure in Role-Playing. This is the real deal - experienced Game Masters at the top of their craft to run you through a carefully selected set of adventures. Don't miss this opportunity for a live Role-Playing gaming session!
Psi-punk specifically will be running in Time Slot C (Friday, October 18th at 7:00 p.m. PST, or 19-Oct-2013 at 02:00 UTC). No experience is necessary to play, but you do need to sign up soon because there are a limited number of slots and they're going fast.

If you don't get a chance to join us to play, this event will be broadcast live via Google Hangouts On Air and recorded to YouTube, so you can watch the game as it happens or later at your convenience.

While your'e at it, sign up for other great VirtuaCOn games, panels, and contests. There is a lot happening -- 84 games, a dozen or so industry speaker panels, and tons of contests. It's going to be huge!

Finally, as a reminder, Psi-punk and other Accessible Games products are on sale for 20% off until the end of August. There are only a few days left, so head on over to DriveThruRPG and pick up your copy.

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Psi-punk On Sale

I wasn't at GenCon this year, which means I unfortunately didn't get a chance to show off Psi-punk at the country's biggest gaming convention. As a consolation prize to myself, and to everyone who is coming back from the con with a little less change in their pocket, I've decided to launch a post-GenCon sale for all Accessible Games products.
From now until August 31st, 2013, all Accessible Games products are 20% off through RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. This includes Psi-punk in PDF, softcover, and hardcover varieties, Colors of Grey, and the Game Publishing Lessons Learned e-book.

If you haven't pulled the trigger on Psi-punk yet, now's the best time to do so!

Also, please remember to tell your friends and to leave ratings!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Floating City of Downhang

One of our awesome Psi-punk backers, +ASH LAW, created a new micro-setting for use with the game and has allowed me to share it with everyone.

Downhang, the Floating City, is a detailed new location filled with all manner of organizations. It has the highest ratio of psychics to non-psychics outside of any research facility, and it's a veritable dead-zone for WiFi.

Several different districts and organizations have been created with quite a bit of detail, so if you're interested in seeing what other people are doing with the Psi-punk setting I highly encourage you to check it out.

Download the Floating City of Downhang

Ash also posted this picture of the Psi-punk books (both hardcover and softcover) and t-shirt received for being a backer. Check it out:

For future reference, you can find both the download and the image at the Psi-punk page at the Accessible Games website.

What did you think of Downhang? Did it inspire you to create a new location of your own? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Corps and Criminals Development Update

I've spent most of today dreaming up and writing down new gangs for Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals, the first sourcebook for Psi-punk. After working hard all day, I thought I'd take some time to update everyone on the progress of the supplement and where it stands right now.

First of all, writing is coming along great. Word count is currently 14,695, which translates (roughly) into 34-1/2 pages in MS Word (of course, that's single column, not double-spaced, and with mild formatting; page counts have a tendency to vary dramatically).

Right now, the book consists of...

Chapter 1: Mega-corporations

I have 8 mega-corps detailed so far, each with a broad overview of the corporation and its industry, its corporate culture, and how it fits into your game from both a GM's and a player's perspective. Five of the mega-corps are from the Psi-punk core book, and three of them are brand new: Die Oberbank (a Swiss bank), Kojicorp (a Psionics and Magic research company from the Asia-Pacific Union), and Nuevo Horizonte Médico, one of our fantastic contest entries.

Chapter 2: Cartels

This chapter is still undergoing a lot of tweaking. Original plans were to detail different types of Cartels (Drug cartels, Ghost Cartels, Weapons Cartels, and Trafficking Cartels), but I'm currently trying to decide whether or not to ditch the classifications because, with the exception of Ghost Cartels, most of the other cartels really deal with a wide range of criminal activities.

So far I have only 5cartels detailed: GhostSec, Neurotech, and Legions of Death (all of which are Ghost Cartels), The Cabal (a contest entry) and Fantasma Biotécnica (a contest entry).

Chapter 3: Gangs

This is the one I spent the most time on today. I'm up to 11 total gangs, each with a different theme. We have traditional street thugs, gangs that deal in black market magic, a group of body-modded ravers with a criminal mastermind at the helm, a political extremist group, and even a gang of pirates in the Mediterranean.

In addition to individual gangs, I provide some examples of how to implement them in your games -- again, both from a GM's and a player's perspective. Finally, I provide some general statistics about NPCs within the gang, including what some of the common members may look like and what the gang's leaders may look like from a game-mechanics perspective.

Other thoughts

That's what I have planned and written so far. The goal of this book is to be a setting guide first and foremost, so I am not planning on tossing around a bunch of Gifts and Faults or new equipment. There are a lot of potential adventure seeds hidden throughout the text, and still more which are explicitly spelled out for GMs.

So that's where the book stands today. I do not have an estimated release date yet, but I hope to have more progress to report next week. In the meantime, if you would like to see anything in the book that hasn't been mentioned here, or if you have suggestions for other organizations, let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the Winner is...

Or should I say "and the winners are..."?

Every entry in the Psi-punk Giveaway Contest was so top-notch, I decided to declare each person the winner. Expect to see all five of the submissions in the upcoming release of Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals.

Congratulations to all of the participants. You all deserved it!

Each participant earned a free PDF copy of Psi-punk and they will get to see their entries in the upcoming sourcebook.

Also, thanks to +Christopher Helton and the +Dorkland Blog! for suggesting and hosting the contest. If you haven't checked out Dorkland! you should definitely head on over and give them a look; Chris has been blogging for 10 years now and he also posts a lot of great Actual Play videos on  YouTube.

Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who followed along--you all made this contest great!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Contest Entry: Fantasma Biotécnica, a Cartel by Gwenhwyvar Gray

And finally, contest entry number five. This one's a cartel by Gwenhwyvar Gray.

This is the last of the five entries I received. Every entry has been fantastic, and I look forward to seeing one or more of them in the upcoming Corps and Criminals sourcebook!

What is your cartel's name? Fantasma Biotécnica

What kind of cartel is it? The Fantasma Biotécnica cartel deals in illegally-modified cybernetic implants, limbs and subsystems. They purchase everything from stolen brain matter to machinery and refine them into concrete, usable merchandise. They’re headquartered in Rio de Janeiro.

How does the cartel operate? Fantasma Biotécnica actively funds small-time mercenary gangs and grey slavers, turning their raw materials into illicit goods. They play the role of middleman, but occasionally will be able to provide implantation services directly, though generally for their members only. They also take legal cybernetics and modify them, everything from stripping materials for reinforcement to overclocking internal CPU’s, or crafting actual brain matter implants, most notably psionic implants that function the way they had for their less-than-fortunate first owners, not simply mimicking their powers. The latter in particular brings them infamy in the region, as it’s reasonably well-known that they are the result of grey slavery, though this has yet to be thoroughly proven by any authorities.
 What else should we know? While the cartel is generally white collar work, they outsource their security to gangs, often the same ones who bring them their raw materials. This gives them a distinctly threatening presence, as they can quite capably organize street level violence.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Contest Entry: Muertos Carmesi (the Crimson Dead)

Here's the next entry into the Psi-punk Giveaway Contest, a gang named Muertos Carmesi (the Crimson Dead) by Maire Gray.

What is your gang's name?
Muertos Carmesí (the Crimson Dead). 
Who is their leader?El Hueso Blanco (the White Bone) is the sociopath running the show. The thin veneer of sanity he wears is calm, collected, and magnetic. You don’t have to understand to want to follow- you don’t even have to see his face. And you won’t: it’s hidden under a dual-port gas mask backlit with bloodred LED’s. A large scar runs down the midline of his right eyebrow, all the way over his eyelid and down his cheek. In whispers, they say that El Hueso Blanco plucked out his own eye to replace it with his red psionic implant. The symbol of his power is always strapped openly to his left thigh: a long knife made of razor-sharp bone, carved with grotesquerie befitting of the gang’s gruesome purpose. It is no silent blade; El Hueso Blanco rarely skips out on joining the fray. He commands through fear, and his followers are fanatic. Rumors abound that El Hueso Blanco possesses dark, barely comprehensible psionic powers of influence.

How big is their turf?The entire state of Bolívar, Venezuela falls under the purview of Muertos. Ciudad Bolívar is a convenient urban base, but the gang is not limited by territories. They move into the surrounding wilderness with ease, and are rumored to store caches of contraband in the thick jungle surrounding Angel Falls, a place even Venezuelan natives call dangerous. Their numbers are difficult to gauge- some guess hundreds- because they often move in small, organized cells. Muertos Carmesí know their territory; if a plan goes awry, they fade into the night like ghosts, into rumored under-town bunkers in the Ciudad itself, or into the lawless wildlands.

What is the gang's method of operation?The gang is a platform for ‘gray slavery.’ As the name implies, the practice originated with stealing the brains of the psychically gifted, but the process gradually became more refined- now, only parts of brains are needed, though no great care is taken to make sure that the owners survive the extraction process. No better example can be given than that of Kylee Pace, visitor to neighboring Colombia for the 14th World Psi-Games. A talented spirit-talker, Kylee was favored to take top honors. Just before the preliminary round began, the entire arena was deafened, blinded, by an impressive display of concussive grenades, all exploding at once. Many blamed the sheer amount of psionic power in attendance for the phenomenon. The nature of the attack and Kylee's disappearance were not discovered until the next day. Seventeen days later, she was found wandering the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, identifiable only by the serial number of the eye implant she clutched in her hand. Kylee had been expertly lobotomized, her memory erased by purposeful, careful trauma to the brain tissue. She would require care for the rest of her life, and she could no more identify her own parents than her attackers. Muertos Carmesí were never apprehended for the crime.

What is their symbol or identifying factor? Many choose to mimic their founder in wearing only black. Some gang members also wear a red optical implant- this is not symbolic of gang membership, but is a punishment; when a gang member commits an act contrary to the gang’s code of secrecy, he is forced to wear this implant simply because it makes him more noticeable. The real marker of membership is a self-chosen pattern of scarification on the left shoulderblade- these vary, but imagery of death and its trappings are common. Active cell members on missions always wear respirator-styled gas masks to conceal their identity. High-ranking members carry a bone knife personally carved by El Hueso Blanco.

What else should we know about the gang? The gang thrives on and in chaos. Any kidnapping perpetrated by Los Muertos will be surrounded by it, such that the kidnapping seems like the least noticeable thing- but it is in fact the focal point. They are well aware of the talents of potential victims before they strike, and will kill anyone who attempts to keep them from reaching said victim. This is because of the money interest of the cartels who pay them for parts. Their primary partner is Fantasma Biotécnica in Brazil, which pays excellent money for harvested parts and sometimes even puts in special orders. Muertos Carmesí acts as a chop-shop.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Contest Entry: Espessura

Another great entry into the Psi-punk Giveaway Contest, a gang named Espessura by Merry Wilson.

What is your gang's name?
Espessura (a.k.a Thick)

Who is their leader?
Espessura’s leader is known as Alma Escura (Dark Soul).  He is a well organized leader, especially for a gang leader.  He rose to the position after confronting and taking down his predecessor, Bicho Feio, during a rival gang raid that lasted three weeks.  Many members were lost in the first two weeks due to the poor leadership skills of Bicho Feio, so Alma Escura straight out killed him, claimed himself the new leader, then organized the remaining members and was able to regain control of their territory.  He demands respect from his members, and is quick to remind any that get out of line who is in control.  His ability to organize his members to keep the gang out of trouble with local and government authorizes eventual caught the eye of a local cartel known as Fantasma Biotécnica (see entry by Gwen Gray).  He has positioned himself, and his gang to work with the cartel in hopes of being “promoted” into the big leagues.

How big is their turf? (Street, neighborhood, city, county)  
On the surface it would appear that the gang covers a few neighborhoods at most, but in reality Oscura has become the leader of a few once-rival gangs and has brought them all together as a united group and thus his territory now covers two-thirds of the city of Rio de Janeiro.  He has organized the gang into five or six sectors, each maintaining their original areas, and unique symbolism; but each are well aware of their brother gang and do not cross the other unless directed to do so.  Sometimes it is necessary to keep up a façade of rivalries between them to authorities.  

What is the gang's method of operation? (Do they vandalize property for fun, steal electronics, smuggle illicit goods, etc.)
The gang as a whole is focused on protecting their streets, especially around the cartel’s operations and assists the cartel by helping to supply them with test subjects.  Each section of the gang is responsible for certain tasks and within each section members are organized on levels of ability.  Some members are used as “petty thugs” who steal valuables, vandalize, or get in petty fights with rival gangs, while other members collect test subjects for the cartel operations.  Those at the bottom or new recruits that do not show any promise in his eyes are quickly set-up and used as scapegoats with the authorities, rival gangs, or become test subjects themselves.  The petty crimes committed are usually more to keep up appearances of a typical gang.

What is their symbol or identifying factor (tattoos, crazy implants, certain color or style of hair, etc.)
Each section of the gang is made to keep their identifying symbols and colors, but all members are marked with a tattoo of three thick lines across the back of their neck, with a small knick on either side of the middle line at its center.  Each section has a color combination of blue/black, red/black, green/black, orange/black, etc. which are shown in the colors in their hats, or a ribbon worn around their left bicep.

What else should we know about the gang?
The Fantasma Biotécnica cartel, in return, help fund the arms and supplies needed for Espessura by buying test subjects as well as any other useful material collected by the gang. Some successful test subjects are returned to the gang as more useful members and stationed as such by Escura.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Contest Entry: Nuevo Horizonte Médico

 In today's update, I present a new corporation in the medical services industry. They have some pretty shady business practices, but don't most corporations?
Thanks to RJ Stewart for the submission!

What is your corporation's name?  
Nuevo Horizonte Médico (New Horizons Medical)
What is their industry of expertise?
Medical services mostly confined in the South and Central America areas, and some Caribbean Nations. They also have contracts in some cities in the regions of Southern California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They have subsidiaries that are out to design and patent new methods of gene therapy, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, and transplant methods and technology.
They operate street level medical facilities in most of their areas: affordable medical care for everyday people. A few major hospitals as well, but they have found it much more lucrative to target lower end medical facilities, instead of larger and more costly to maintain markets.
How do they operate?
To say many find them shady would be an understatement. But since they’ve cornered the market in areas for low cost health care for the common person, they’re seen as a necessary evil. They have maybe 10 total major metropolitan hospitals to their name, but hundreds of smaller clinics. A few other corporations, including fellow megacorps have allowed them to open up clinics and ambulatory care facilities even in their own areas, buildings and arcologies due to their specialties. This of course gives them some access to people who are in other corporations. The smarter partnerships keep them on a tight leash when in such an arrangement.
To many they fly under the radar, not seeming to be anything but a ‘cheap alternative competitor’ to Medical Services International in the Separatist States.
However, one byproduct of their major method of cash inflow is a very large, variable test bed for new technologies they have developed, paying handsomely to some who would volunteer to test anything that needs testing, but they wish to bypass government level controls and standards, in countries in which they aren’t in some form of influence on the governing bodies.
They are known for being aggressive against competitors in their home regions, using shadow operations to facilitate anything from takeovers, corporate espionage, and rumored to even support ‘wetwork’ jobs against executives of rivals that refuse their influence.
Briefly describe their corporate culture.
As a culture, they seem to be very aloof, and overbearing. It’s safe to assume that any normal worker fears for their family and job if they are in the know on anything that goes on behind the scenes. They pay their people well, and the medical benefits are some of the best outside of MSI’s. But there are some former employees, extracted from their services, that go on record as saying that they fear their families and friends would end up in some test laboratory as a new guinea pig for a genetic therapy or worse.
The normal visage though is that of doctors and medical clinic technicians who are happy, paid well, and not at the whim of MSI’s over-watch culture. They openly recruit at universities in impoverished countries, mostly at schools that have medical training facilities they helped fund and support.  
The other side is of course research personnel, who are often hidden from public eyes. Word has it, it’s this side of the coin that is paid the best, and kept under the most control as well.
What else should we know about them?
Mostly rumors, but some have suggested that Nuevo Horizonte Médico are linked to quite a few cartels in the countries they operate in, many of them specializing in finding ‘lab test subjects’ for use in testing new procedures and products. Or worse, cartels that would find them body parts for some of their transplants they’ve been working on.
Some have speculated that they have a very secret wing that is working on how to transplant the parts of the human brain responsible for psionic powers. While some corporations have worked on how to mimic psionics with cybernetic enhancements, some out there see this as being 2nd rate to having the powers yourself.
They have had quite a few ethics complaints put against them. Some have even challenged that they use kidnapped test subjects, taken from homeless populations.
It’s said that, like their chief rival, MSI, the legal department of Nuevo Horizonte Médico are some of the best in keeping things from sticking to them.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Psi-punk Contest Entry: The Cabal

The Psi-punk Corps and Criminals Contest recently came to a close and now I have the very difficult task of choosing a winner. Before I tackle that herculean feat, I'd like to thank +Christopher Helton of the +Dorkland Blog! both for suggesting and hosting this great contest.

I received five entries total, which is perfect because there are five days in a business week. That means each day I'll post one entry, in the order I received them, for all of you to enjoy.

Feel free to cast your votes and influence my decision. All of these entries were great and it's going to be hard to decide without some help!

First up, I present The Cabal:

The Cabal is a criminal cartel that trafficks in black market magic. For the most part, the Cabal simply sells stolen magic at prices just under the standard retail (it's 100% profit to them, after all). The Cabal controls hundreds of small-time, back-alley vendors, dozens of retail franchises, and even has stakes in other cartels (especially ghost cartels). However, selling stolen magic is only part of the Cabal's business. They also employ (or kidnap) psi-researchers and magineers to study the psi-tech they sell and make dangerous modifications. This so-called "black magic" is highly effective (often rivalling even the abilities of powerful psychics) but it is also extremely dangerous. The use of black magic is often addicting and can drive even the sanest user to fits of rage and hallucination after extended use. The Cabal keeps close tabs on all pieces of black magic that they sell and they employ their own rotating force of black-magic-using ghosts and assassins dubbed "warlocks".
The leader of the Cabal, referred to only as Arch even by the highest ranking members, is very thorough veiled by magic and black magic, but in the criminal underworld, rumors fly thick and fast. The latest round of whispers claims that Arch has found a new and powerful backer or partner and that the Cabal is preparing for something big. These rumors can never be trusted, but even the lowest rung street runners have noticed the recent influx of high-level magic and black magic from the Cabal.
Thanks to Andrew Y. for this great submission. I think it's pretty awesome. What do you think?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pre-Generated Characters for Psi-punk

I realized something a couple of days ago: there aren't any readily-available examples of Psi-punk characters for people to view. Wouldn't it be great to see a few pre-gen character examples?

I thought so too.

I've put together a package of 4 pre-generated characters for you to use with any Psi-punk game, or to use as an example for how to fill out a Psi-punk character sheet. These characters were used during the last convention game I ran, and everyone really seemed to enjoy them.

Click here to download the a zip file. 

All character sheets were created using the form-fillable PDF character sheet.

What do you think? Do these help spark your imagination, or at least serve as a good example? Do you have your own Psi-punk characters that you'd like to share?

Finally, remember to submit your entries for the Psi-punk PDF Giveaway Contest, due July 7th.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Proof of Proofs

See that? Both the hardcover and softcover proofs of Psi-punk have come in, and they look excellent. As excellent as that Psi-punk t-shirt.

Now that the hardcopy books are ready, I am working on the best way to distribute th em. It's a costly proposition to ship close to 100 books. Some of them have to be personalized and some packaged with t-shirts, so there are a number that have to come directly to me and then get shipped a second time.

For those of you not getting a personalized copy, I am looking into methods to ship directly from RPGNow so I don't have to pay twice for shipping. This is a long process as I add each address individually and place an order for each person individually. Bear with me; they're coming soon, but they're going to take a few weeks to be fulfilled.

I won't be making these available for general purchase until all backers have their copies, or at the very least until they've all been shipped (there's no accounting for postal times). If you're one of the people interested in purchasing a hardcopy from RPGNow, please be patient as I take care of the Kickstarter backers first.

The wait is almost over. I really am proud of these books and I think you all will be too!

Remember, you can get the PDF from RPGNow right now. I am working on methods to offer a sort of "print upgrade" pricing later so you don't have to pay the full cost of the print book if you own a PDF. More details on that when I have them.

Also, if you'd like to win a free PDF copy of Psi-punk you can enter the Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals  design contest.

Until next time!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Corps and Criminals: Macroware

With the Corps and Criminals design contest underway, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase a little of what I've written for the book so far. Here is the book's entry for Macroware, the largest (indeed, one of the only) electronics companies in the world.

As a reminder, the Corps and Criminals design contest is running until July 7th. Remember to submit your entry by then to earn a chance to win a free PDF copy of Psi-punk!

Finally, note that the following entry is still unedited and subject to change. Enjoy!


Macroware is the result of over 50 years of technology company acquisitions and mergers. What started as two major computer hardware and software companies joining forces eventually be-came the world’s leading computer company, a one-stop monopoly shop for all of the world’s computer needs. Though their industry dominance is profound, Macroware keeps their prices low to ensure that the public, governments, and other corporations don’t try to form any start-ups that might challenge their position of power.

This is the company responsible for the tablet computers that nearly everyone in the world carries around with them, in addition to the global network that links them all together. Macro-ware also writes the software for nearly every functional piece of technology from automobiles to complex security algorithms. It’s no wonder that this is the world’s wealthiest and largest company, employing more citizens worldwide than any other corporation on Earth.

Though enormously influential, Macroware sees little benefit in attempting to take any sort of governmental power. It is more prudent for a company which supplies security software and hardware to every country on earth to remain neutral; taking some political stance would certainly cause them to fall out of favor with many of the countries in which they operate.

Many unsuccessful attempts have been made by rogues to infiltrate Macroware for a variety of reasons, but few of them ever get away with it. In most of these circumstances, the infiltrators are after valuable information that the company might have on a rival company, person, or nation; indeed, the world’s largest software giant may know a little something about everyone in the world, but that information is next-to-impossible to get to thanks to the company’s high-tech security. They employ fewer private guards than most companies in their class, and their data security is second-to-none.

Macroware employs a large number of highly skilled Ghosts to secure their computer systems, meaning that anyone who steps into the ‘Net and attempts to infiltrate their network is sure to meet with fierce, and sometimes deadly, competition. It is also rumored that a number of their top security experts are Wraiths who patrol the Astral Plane and watch for invaders from all angles.

Corporate Culture

Macroware employees the world over enjoy a high-tech lifestyle; not surprising considering who they work for. They enjoy small discounts on the company’s tech, from personal computing devices to high-end vehicle gadgets, and for many it’s a point of prestige to show off their new toys before everyone else can get them.

Nearly every citizen, from entry-level workers to top executives, is decked out in streetware and the company even hosts an annual “Mod Your Bod” contest to showcase the most unusual or extreme chromejobs. Last year’s winner was an accountant who programmed her case lights to flash green every time her department earned some amount of revenue; it was a simple mod, but the judges loved watching their company make money.

Macroware employees are encouraged to work closely together to improve products across all lines. The result is a culture of openness, and they pride themselves in being one of the most widely accepting corporations. That’s not to say there isn’t occasional in-fighting and rivalry, but as big business is concerned Macroware is perhaps the friendliest place to work.

Macroware in Your Game

As one of the only computer manufacturers in the world, Macroware is sure to touch the lives of every character. It would be rare to find anyone not living with the Amazonia Luddites who didn’t own at least a few Macroware devices.

The company is dominant in the tech industry, but they aren’t completely ruthless—at least not outwardly. They keep their prices low to keep people complacent; nobody likes a monopoly which uses its power to suck people dry, but a monopoly which seems to act fairly and in the best interest of the people goes unnoticed.

Behind the scenes, Macroware likes to pull the strings. They supply tech to every country in the world, but that means they can cut off anyone who doesn’t play by their rules. It’s a quiet game of dominance, but one that doesn’t go wholly unnoticed. Many other corporations and nations hire street runners to infiltrate Macroware and uncover secrets that may be used to put an end to their power.

Macroware Player Characters

Characters with backgrounds as Macroware employees are probably some form of technology-minded individual. They may be hackers, psi-jackers, or even ghosts. Characters with a Rank of Good or better enjoy access to some of the company’s unique hardware and software, but the company’s biggest secrets and most tightly-secured systems would still be off limits to them.

Not every Macroware employee is a tech-head, though. The company still needs accountants, customer service reps, marketers, security guards, and so forth. While even these employees enjoy some amount of technical knowledge, it isn’t necessarily their focus.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Announcing the First Psi-punk Giveaway Contest

We're working with +Christopher Helton and the +Dorkland Blog! to bring you a chance to score a free PDF copy of Psi-punk. All you need to do is design a mega-corp, criminal cartel, or gang for use with the upcoming Psi-punk: Corps and Criminals sourcebook. The winning entry will be featured in the upcoming book, and the winner will receive a free Psi-punk PDF. That's not all though -- every entrant will receive a 20% discount on Psi-punk just for participating.

For more details, including how to enter, visit the contest announcement at the Dorkland Blog.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Psi-punk Officially Released

You read that right.

Psi-punk: a Fudge Cyberpunk RPG is available now!

If you were a backer, you received an e-mail earlier today with a link to download the files. If not, don't worry -- you can buy it now from OneBookShelf for just $19.99.

I expounded a bit more on this announcement at the Accessible Games website.

Thanks to everyone who helped support Psi-punk up to this point, and to all of the new fans who are just coming on board!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wow, that was fast!

Ruben not only delivered the first draft of Psi-punk by Thursday (sooner than his Friday estimate), he delivered the follow-up draft, cover draft, character sheet draft, and new logo by Friday as well.

I sent Backers-only e-mails with previews of everything we have so far. Unfortunately I won't be sharing those to the general public, but rest assured they all look great. The final product is within reach and I can't wait to share it with the rest of the world.

If you've been waiting for Psi-punk, fear not. The wait is almost over!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Layout Pass Complete

Good news! I am told the first layout pass for Psi-punk is complete.

What does that mean? The core design of the document is intact now. Headers, fonts, general placement, space for art, etc. None of the art is placed yet, but Ruben tells me he hopes to have a draft revision by the weekend.

How would you like a sneak peak? This is just the first 3 pages, including the credits and introduction pages. There's no art yet, but the headers, footers, fonts, and so forth are in place. Remember, some things are still subject to change (like that blank spot where I'm missing the name for my new logo artist -- whoops!) but it's an indication of where we're going.

Also, I'm talking with Ruben about increasing the font size. Currently the font for the main body copy is 11 point and the book, at that size, will have an estimated 176 pages after art is placed. If we increase it to 12 pt. he thinks that will push the page count up to 200-ish, which is what I budgeted for to begin with. I'm not too concerned about the actual page count, but I want a font that is readable for most people -- too many game books have tiny fonts, and I want to change that.

So, what do you think?

Download the sneak peak, then comment below.

P.S. I am disabling the "Support Psi-punk" page for now. It has been great -- since the end of the Kickstarter, we've received 4 additional new backers and one pledge upgrade through that link. I'm really thrilled by the enthusiasm, but we literally just received one additional pledge this morning and, from here out, I'm not going to be able to promise that we can put additional backer names in the book before launch. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, and I really look forward to being able to show you all the final product soon!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Psi-punk Cover - Revealed!

I know it's been quiet around here for a while. I have been working hard on a few new projects while awaiting the final touches on Psi-punk. My layout guy tells me he should be able to devote more time to the project soon, but he had a few other projects that had come up while we had been waiting on art.

Speaking of art, we finally have the cover for Psi-punk and it looks spectacular! Check it out!

Also, behold Psi-truvian Man! (We're thinking about using this on the back cover.)

Finally, we should have a new Psi-punk logo soon, and I'll display that as soon as it comes in.

Let me know what you think, and why not comment on whether or not you think Psi-truvian Man should go on the back cover.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Additional Cyberpunk Character Archetypes

I've been talking a lot about the progress of the final book around here lately, so today I thought I'd spend some time to highlight a few additional archetypes that were added since the last time we talked about archetypes.

Pet Pusher

One of the biggest complaints I received about Psi-punk is that it didn't have any "pet classes." This was certainly an oversight on my part -- I know pet classes are a staple of many an RPG, so I thought I'd make it up to everyone by including the Pet Pusher. There still aren't any actual classes in the game, but this archetype should give people a nudge in the right direction when it comes time to think about how they want to design their character.
Pet Pusher: By using the mind control and empathy psionic powers or magic devices, pet pushers are able to get a feel for what their animal friends are experiencing and then "push" their thoughts and actions to make them do their bidding. Characters who choose to become pet pushers need to beware of PETA -- Psionic Empaths Training Animals -- because the organization doesn't like rogue animal handlers wandering about.


Half-giants were a common psionic race in the Dungeons and Dragons Psionics Handbook. Psi-punk doesn't use races other than humans, but with a few tweaks to your own power usage you can still play one if you wish.
Half-Giant: Sometimes bigger is just better. Other times, it's hard to find clothes that fit. Either way, half-giants use the control animate power to increase their size to around 9 feet and spend most of their time in that form. Having a half-giant on the team is useful when you need to intimidate someone or smash down a door, but it makes it difficult to observe the clearance at a drive-through window.

 Mecha Pilot

After reading through the Mecha Role-Playing Game by Heroic Journey Publishing, I thought to myself: "Hey, why doesn't Psi-punk have giant robots that people can stomp around in? It's future-y enough." For now there aren't any game mechanics for riding in a mech (though you can treat it just like piloting a vehicle) but stay tuned for Psi-punk: Deus Ex Mecha, our upcoming cyberpunk/giant robot mashup.
Mecha Pilot: Giant robots used to be the domain of anime and science fiction, but in 2037 the Japanese brought us the first mecha that fit all of the expectations we'd given them over the years. Now we have Mecha Pilots, skilled drivers with the cyberpsi Gift (or a suitable magic replacement) that can talk to their 'bots on a binary level. These deadly mecha warriors are not to be trifled with.

  Console Cowboy

"Hacker" was such an old-fashioned and boring name for computer jocks, so we updated the name to pay homage to our roots.
Console Cowboy: These computer hackers are great at getting into any system they can get a ping on. They look a bit out-dated in their snakeskin boots and wide-brimmed hats, but that's just part of their culture that you don't understand because you're not part of it.
Hopefully you enjoyed these updates to our Character Archetypes section. Do you have any other great cyberpunk character archetypes that I should consider adding in an expansion? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Backer Surveys Sent

One step closer to release.

I've spoken with my layout artist and he's going to be available to start work on Psi-punk later in April. He believes we can have the book finished by May, so we're in good shape!

I have sent out backer surveys via Kickstarter for all of the wonderful people who've backed the game. A few of you have used the Support Psi-punk link on this blog to pledge after the Kickstarter, and I am still working out the best way to gather information from you fine folks.

If you're one of the more than 100 people who backed Psi-punk, thank you so much and please make sure you fill out your surveys as soon as possible. Most importantly I need everyone's name as they would like it to appear in the SPecial Thanks section before I can send the final copy off to layout.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


You've been waiting for me to be able to tell you this for as long as I've been waiting to say it:

Art is done!

Over the last week, Melissa has delivered the last of the art. I'm still waiting on a cover, but I don't need that to send everything off to Ruben for layout.

I am awaiting a response from Ruben about a timeframe for when we may be able to get started on that. I have diligently been working on our second-pass edits and the book has improved a lot overall for the extra time I've had to give to it. Everything's ready to go now, just as soon as I hear back about layout.

When I know more about that timeframe, I'll post another update to let you know. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a couple of more pieces of art.

Man inserting a skill chip in his head.
Man inserting a skill chip.
Mad scientist with robot arms
Mad scientist with robot arms

Woman creating a fireball with a magic device.
Woman creating a fireball with a magic device.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gamestorm Wrap-up

Gamestorm was a huge success for Psi-punk this year. Everyone who pre-registered for the game showed up to the table on Friday afternoon and we had an incredible time. A friend and I also put together an impromptu game of Psi-punk on Saturday, and even though it wasn't on the schedule we managed to find 5 players and all had a lot of fun. If you're one of the 11 people who joined me for Psi-punk this weekend, thanks for showing up -- it was a real pleasure!

As expected, neither of the two sessions went as expected. If you recall from my previous post, the players were hired by the North American Union government to investigate a strange new Astral colony that shouldn't even be able to exist. Both parties took on the job in completely different ways, and the overall outcome was quite different as well.

Friday's table began by using corporate contacts and urban rumors to get an idea of where to start looking for this new colony. They infiltrated a trucking company that was shipping boxes to a location in rural Washington State and hacked its computers to get GPS coordinates from the trucks. Then one of them posed as a driver and made a delivery to the compound where the scientist had been setting up shop, and ultimately they all broke in and took the place down.

Technically, the mad scientist got away from the party. The players were able to find out that he had been uploading peoples' brains into a computer system and then using electrokinesis to send their minds to the Astral Plane without the need to be tethered to a corporeal body. They encountered the scientist and his guards, but he proved quite a challenge and managed to escape. That didn't stop the group from calling in an air strike against the facility and having it blown to bits though.

Saturday's crew went about it a bit differently. They first checked in on a government facility to find out what information they could. Since the job wasn't sanctioned they weren't given full access to the government facility. Instead, they used a variety of ghosting and soul jacking techniques to break in.

One of the players used psychometry to read the history of a bunch of cars in the parking lot and found one that had been making mysterious trips to an out-of-the-way location. After breaking into the military compound, the same player found a storage device and read its history to get a hint that someone in a white lab coat had been passing information to a Corporal at the military base.

After following that lead, they determined the corporal was shady and managed to get the whereabouts of the scientist's base of operations. Then they headed out there, broke in stealthily (well, mostly) and made their way to a sub-basement where they found people being hooked up to machines and having their minds uploaded.

They never found the scientist before breaking back out of the facility and ordering an air strike (yes, both parties came to that conclusion separately) but at least they had gathered all of the intel they needed to be successful.

One of the things I found interesting about both games is that neither table started  any combat until about an hour before the game finished. It was a very successful info gathering and stealth operation for the most part. I found it refreshing to have a fun night of role-playing without every task resulting in violence and bloodshed.

We had a lot of fun this weekend and more than ever I am excited to get this book finished and in everyone's hands so you can all have fun with Psi-punk!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going to Gamestorm 15

It's that time of the year again. Psi-punk will be showing up at Gamestorm 15 in Vancouver, WA on Friday, March 22nd. I would have announced it sooner, but the table filled up in the first week of pre-registration, so there weren't any additional slots for walk-ins. I plan on trying to put together a pick-up table on Saturday of Gamestorm though, so if you happen to be in the area try to hunt me down!

For those of you who won't be there, here's the opening synopsis of the adventure I'll be running.

A mad scientist has devised a way to convert electromagnetic signals representing a ghost’s consciousness into Astral form and project it onto the Astral Plane. He is setting up a colony of Astralists and has declared himself the ruler of a new nation.
The problem is that his Astral colony overlaps top-secret territory controlled by the government. Though no law exists to govern territory on the Astral Plane, the government doesn’t want a bunch of civilian wraiths eavesdropping on government conversations and spying on government secrets.
Your team has been hired by the government to put a stop to the mad scientist, but it won’t be easy. What he’s doing shouldn’t even be possible, so you first need to figure out how he’s managed to set up an Astral colony and then figure out how to put an end to it.
The government is sending Agent Johnson, a skilled Astralist and Special Forces agent, along to assist you. This mission is top secret and knowledge of your existence will be disavowed if you are caught, but each member of your team will receive a Great amount of Wealth for your trouble should you succeed.

Sound exciting? I'll post back here in a couple of days to give you a run-down of how things went.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Good News

Because of all this extra time we've had to spend waiting on art, I had a second person do an editing pass on the book. Chris did a fantastic job on his first pass, but I'd like to thank Mitch Williams for his efforts -- he helped tighten up the final text even more.

Now for the bad news.

I am still waiting on art from Melissa. She's doing a fantastic job and is very detail-oriented, so I am sure the final book is going to look fantastic. Unfortunately it has taken her a lot longer to complete all of the commissions than originally estimated.

That also means Psi-punk is not going to be ready for Gamestorm, which is the local convention I will be attending from March 21st - 24th. I will still be running the game and, in fact, I have already completely filled a table of 6 players. I had plans to actually take time to play some games at GS, but with such a high demand for Psi-punk I may sign up to run another slot.

I apologize to everyone who is still waiting on the final product. I don't like to miss deadlines, but I also couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life so I can't exactly pitch in and do the drawings myself.

I know the final product is going to be spectacular -- even moreso now that we've done two editing passes with two different people -- so hang in there with me for just a bit longer.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Fantastic Art

Today's update is short, but I think you'll like it. I've received a big batch of art from Melissa and wanted to show off a few pieces.

As a reminder, you can see all of the art that I've shared to date at the new Psi-punk page at

Man being targeted by sniper rifle

Person recovering in a futuristic hospital bed

Wounded man nursing an injured shoulder

What do you think? Everything's coming along nicely and I can't wait to see them all in context when the book is finished. Stay tuned for future updates and let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to cover.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking Forward

As I await the last of the art from Melissa, I wanted to make sure that I continued moving forward with Psi-punk development despite having a slight lull in work to do on the current book. Rest assured that as soon as it's all in I will send it off to Ruben for layout and that he's ready to go.

In the meantime, I have begun work on the first supplement for Psi-punk, tentatively titled "Corps and Criminals." This is going to be a world-building sourcebook that details a wide variety of megacroporations, criminal cartels, gangs, and other massive organizations for use in your games.

Work on this supplement is still young, so feel free to comment with your own ideas, especially as I begin sharing more information about the actual product in the future.

On a final note, Accessible Games now has its own domain name and website. Psi-punk has an info page there with a consolidated list of images, videos, and links to articles across the web that have featured the game. The core of the website will focus on Accessible Games, board game and RPG reviews, and more. Check it out!
Psi-punk @

Rest assured that this blog will still be the primary source for info about Psi-punk, but if you're looking for an easy-to-use resource for finding media and reviews, I'll keep an updated list on the main website.

That's it for today. I'll keep you posted on progress as the book moves forward!