Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Psi-punk at Indie+2

Happy Halloween! Prepared for a treat?
(That was pretty lame.)

I will be running Psi-punk tomorrow during the Indie+2 online game convention. That's Thursday, November 1st, at 10:00 a.m. PST / 6 p.m. GMT.

For more information about Indie+, check out the website.

To join the Google Hangouts event, visit the following URL:

I am currently looking for 3 - 6 players, but the hangout will be on air and everyone is welcome to come and watch. This will be a great opportunity to see Psi-punk in action!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Updates! and Major Players - the Amazonia Luddites

Good news! I know it's been quiet around here for a while, but I have been hard at work getting the final document ready to send to Chris Perrin for editing. Part of that time was spent working with our highest-level Kickstarter backer to get input about a new megacorporation that will go into the game.

Well, that write-up is finished and entered into the master file, and it has been sent to Chris for review. We're on track to have the document edits finished and when all of that's done, our layout artist, Ruben from, is ready to take over and put it all into place. He has already started working on the layout design, and we think you'll like what he's come up with.

So what did our Kickstarter backer come up with? Here's a preview.

 Previously we revealed some of the Major Players in the World of Psi-punk. This new entity will be placed in Chapter 1: the World of Psi-punk along with those corporations, governments, and criminal elements that are already listed.

Amazonia Luddites

Not so much a corporation as a militant faction, some say the Amazonia Luddites were founded by Nathan Hunter himself during his stay in South America. While this hasn’t been proven, it is certain that many of the foremost members of the AZL are powerful psychics with an intense hatred for new technologies.

The Amazonia Luddites have established a large and fiercely-protected No Tech Zone in what little remains of the Amazon rainforest. ‘Net signal dampeners and custom anti-tech barriers have been set up around the perimiter of the AZL’s territory, and within the zone electronics and automated machinery are strictly prohibited. Rumor has it that an anti-tech virus has been spread throughout the territory, infecting anyone who enters. This virus specifically attacks people with cybernetic implants, causing their limbs, eyes, ears, and other augmentations to malfunction and shut down.

Understanding that they are no physical match for other nations, the AZL do not make a habit of waging war on other territories or corporations. However, they do spread anti-technology propaganda throughout the world and their numbers have grown steadily over the past decade. Their ultimate goal is unknown, but many corporations and governments fear their power and the likely notion that they are breeding still more powerful psychics within their carefully-guarded borders. None have risked a preemptive attack on this group, however, for fear of destroying what remains of the world’s last rainforest.
The Amazonia Luddites, or AZL, have a lot of potential. Major players like the AZL are meant to give GMs ideas on how to build stories and craft campaigns that involve various groups and organizations throughout the world. Are the AZL up to no good, or is this a group that the players may want to get involved with? Should they be feared for their psychic potential and zealous behavior, or written off as just another fringe group?

What might you as a GM decide to do with the AZL in your game?