Monday, September 10, 2012

Supporter Second Chances

I realize things have been pretty quiet around here lately, but that's because I have been hard at work on getting Psi-punk ready to go to editing and later to layout.

Meanwhile, I wanted to give a second chance to everyone who missed the opportunity to support the Psi-punk Kickstarter. I know that not everyone had the money within that specific window of time (goodness knows I have missed out on a few Kickstarters for that reason myself), or perhaps they just didn't know it was even going on at the time.

So, from now until the release of the final product, we're offering the same backer perks to everyone who pledges to Psi-punk via PayPal. Click on the "Support Psi-punk" button at the top of the page to visit the backer page and select your pledge/reward level.

I will use additional funds to improve the end product as much as possible and to help ensure continued work on future Psi-punk books, including a planned World Organizations guide, new adventures, and more short fiction. Every dollar pledged ensures success of the project in addition to scoring you a great game.

Thanks again to everyone who has pledged so far and to everyone who does so in the future. I'll be sure to write again soon with another update!

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