Monday, August 27, 2012

KS Success - We did it!

Well folks, we did it! With the help of all of you amazing people, Psi-punk is officially a go! As of around 8:00 PST on Sunday, August 26th, the Psi-punk Kickstarter reached its $4,500 funding goal.

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who contributed in any way. I'm not just talking about those who pledged money -- I of all people understand that it's just not possible to financially support everything you believe in. A special thanks goes to everyone who blogged, tweeted, Facebook-ed, and Google+-ed about Psi-punk (and to those of you using any other medium to talk about us as well!)

What's the Final Total?
We reached a funding level of 104%. Between 111 backers, we managed to raise $4,669 in just 39 days. Kickstarter takes a 5% cut and Amazon Payments will take between 3-5%, so I won't know the exact deposited total for 14 days--the length of time it takes Amazon to gather and hold the funds in case of chargebacks. In two weeks time, I'll know exactly what I have to work with, but I assure you all that it's going to be enough to get all of our initial goals met!

What Happens Next?
Now that the funding is guaranteed, I will commission art from Melissa Gay. Meanwhile, I'll finish up the last few details on the writing; I have at least one mega-corporation to flesh out with our $325-level backer and a few playtest notes that deserve to be looked at before I can consider the game complete.

Once I'm satisfied that the game is ready to go to editing, I'll e-mail it off to Chris Perrin. He'll make sure that I've uncrossed all of my i's and didn't dot any t's, since that would just be silly. After he's done editing, I'll give it a final read through for approval before gathering all of the art and shipping it off to layout.

Once layout is complete, I should have a couple of PDFs that are ready to go to Anyone who has pledged at least $15 will get a free PDF, and I'll send out a free download code as soon as that's ready. Everyone who has pledged at least $5 will also get a free PDF copy of the Concensussly Chosen Adventure Story, which should be ready around the same time.

If you're expecting a soft or hard cover, that'll come next. I have to order a pre-flight copy of each book from RPGNow's print-on-demand service and look them over for any errors and to make sure the quality is up to snuff. When I have approved the hard copies, I'll order prints for everyone and eagerly await having a giant shipment of books land on my doorstep.

By that point, t-shirts should be in from Leet Clothing and I will be able to box everything up and start shipping books and clothes to people. I'll invite all of my riends over to my house for pizza and a shipping party, because there's no way I am going to be doing all of that boxing and labeling on my own! 

At some point between the PDFs going out and the books being shipped, I have a Google Hangouts game to run for my highest-level backer. I am enjoying running G+ Hangout games of Psi-punk and may try to set up a few more, so let me know if you're interested and we may be able to schedule something. I do plan on running Psi-punk for the Indie+ online convention around the time of Halloween, so make sure you check in then if you're interested.

Did I Miss Anything?
Oh, that's right. Before I can do all of that, I need to send out a Backer Rewards Survey through Kickstarter. Expect to see one in your inbox within the next couple days. I will need to collect e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and t-shirt sizes (where applicable) so that I can fulfill all of the rewards.

If you have any other questions or if I failed to address something, please let me know! 

Thanks again to all of you wonderful people. This literally could not have been done without the support of each and every one of you, so you should take pride in knowing that you've brought something new, interesting, and creative into the world!

In humble gratitude,