Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kickstarter is 30% Funded!

The Psi-punk Kickstarter has been active for one week now, and look at the progress we've made! 30% of the funding has been raised and we still have a month to go.
According to, if we were to continue with our current momentum we'd hit a funding target of around $7,100: 
Though I know that Kickstarter trends toward a U-shaped curve (that is, the majority of backers pledge at the beginning and the end of a project, with a bit of a lull in the middle) I am super optimistic that we will reach our target goal of $4,500. That means we'll be able to pay Melissa for fabulous art, Chris for his editing talents, and we've even brought on board a local Portland layout artist to make sure that it all goes together in an awesome, professional manner.
I know that this couldn't have been done without your support, and I don't mean just the money you've pledge. Every time you fine folks post a link to our Kickstarter somewhere on the Internet, other people see and discover us and many people I have never even met before have become enthusiastic backers.
Word of mouth is a great and powerful thing, and the best part is that it takes so little time to help! Kickstarter already has Facebook and Twitter links built into each project, and for those of you who use Google+ it's as easy as copy-pasting the link into your feed.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped in any way to contribute to this great project. Our hopes are high and we look forward to being successfully funded on August 27th!
If you're just joining us, check out the Kickstarter at