Sunday, April 15, 2012

Social Networking

As we get ever-closer to launching a Kickstarter for Psi-punk, we felt it was important to get fully set up in the Social Networking arena.  Accessible Games is now part of the three most prominent social networking sites: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can follow us on Google+ by searching for Accessible Games, or by clicking this link.  We also have a G+ Badge (to the right of this post area) that allows you to quickly and easily Follow us.

On Twitter, simply look for @AccessibleGames and on Facebook look for the Accessible Games page or follow this link.

You can also Follow us on Blogger by using the button to the right of this post.

We would also appreciate it if you'd use the social media buttons on the bottom of these posts (like I know a few of you G+ users have been doing) to spread the word.

Is it all just shameless self-promotion?  Perhaps.  But the megacorps didn't get to where they are today by just sitting on their laurels, they had to go out there and stamp down all the little people!  I mean, gather consumer approval by being upstanding corporate citizens.

Oh, and stay tuned for a very special announcement in the near future.  We have something big to share, and we'll be unveiling it here first!