Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Character Preview: Changeling

First of all, no, this isn't the "big surprise" we promised.  We're taking great steps toward having that ready to unveil, but for now we've decided to start talking a bit about some characters we've designed.

Modeled after the "changeling" archetype (see our previous post about archetypes), this character was the first one we designed for the Gamestorm convention.  We used pre-generated characters so that players with absolutely no experience with the system could be ready to go right away.

This character was played just as intended, but to a far more interesting and entertaining degree than we could have first imagined.  Using the "Gifts," "Faults," and the short Character Bio on the character sheet, the player was able to immediately step into the role of the changeling, complete with multiple personality disorder, and really give it a life of its own.

One moment, the changeling's name aws Jake and he was a typical member of the team.  The next he was Francis, having replaced a man the team had subdued in a bar, and later he even wound up as a teenage girl in an effort to psychologically destroy a doctor who had come to do experiments on her while she was tied up in a lab.

We've attached two pictures: the front and back side of the character sheet, respectively.  Keep in mind that the character sheet is still in its beta design stage along with the rest of the game, but if you're observant you'll be able to gain some insight into aspects that we haven't yet discussed in detail here on the blog.
Psi-punk Character Sheet - Front
Character Sheet Front

Character Sheet Back

 If you're interested in being a character in our upcoming book, stay tuned.  One of our very special Kickstarter backer levels will allow a select number of backers to work with us to include their own character as an example PC or NPC.  We will be sure to announce when the Kickstarter goes live so you can be the first to choose!