Sunday, January 15, 2012

Psi-punk and the Fudge Trait Ladder

Psi-punk uses the FUDGE (Free-form Universal Do-it-Yourself Gaming Engine) published by Grey Ghost Games.  To quote the game's website:

Fudge is a rules-light role-playing game engine providing a common set of game mechanics that can be used to create any role-playing game you desire. Fudge uses a simple word-based system for handling action and combat resolution, which makes the game fast-paced and easy to play.
At the core of this "simple word-based system" is what's known as the Trait Ladder.  Here's how we describe the Fudge Trait Ladder in Chapter 2: Character Creation of the Psi-punk roleplaying game.

The Trait Ladder

Psi-punk uses ordinary words to describe various traits of a character.
The following terms of an eleven-level sequence are suggested (from best
to worst):

Table 2.1: Trait Ladder

            These terms can be modified to use any adjective you desire.  For example, if you would prefer to use “Awesome” instead of “Superb”, feel free to do so; it’s your game, and you should feel free to customize it.  For clarity and simplicity, these are the words that will be used throughout this book.
 This ladder differs somewhat from the traditional Fudge ladder, which ranges from -3 to +3.  This helps when representing levels beyond the range of human limitations, allowing greater flexibility.  To indicate that the highest trait levels are just that -- beyond the range of human limitations -- no character may possess skills or attributes at a rank above Phenomenal.

With certain powers, cybernetics, or other abilities, it is possible to roll a modified dice result (dice + attributes) to reach levels of Extraordinary and Astonishing.  This is rare for all but the most skilled individuals; a truly Astonishing result!

We hope you enjoyed this preview of the Trait Ladder in Psi-punk.  Stay tuned for more details and feel free to post any questions or comments you may have!