Thursday, December 29, 2011

Announcing: Psi-punk

Psi-punk will be coming to Gamestorm 14, so we decided it was time to formally announce this exciting new RPG from Accessible Games.

What is Psi-punk?
 Psi-punk is a new Fudge-based role-playing game by Accessible Games that blends a futuristic cyberpunk setting with psionics to bring a unique twist to some old concepts.

From the introduction:

Psi-punk is a role-playing game set on Earth in the year 2096.  Unlike many futuristic fantasy settings, Psi-punk isn’t a space opera or even a traditional cyberpunk game – though we did take inspiration from both genres (and many more).  Instead, Psi-punk strives to be something unique but still identifiable with other settings you may have experienced in the past, whether in books, movies, video games, or other role-playing games.

Here, you will enter a world where huge corporations control large aspects of the public’s everyday lives and have even usurped the role of governments in many instances.  However, despite the control these corporations have over the lives of the average citizen, many people still resist their reign and attempt to fight them – either openly or covertly.

Meanwhile, powerful humans with psychic abilities, commonly referred to as “mentals,” “psychics,” “psi-freaks,” and “psi-punks” have become a formidable minority that leaves mundane citizens feeling powerless – a fact which the controlling corporations seek to exploit to their own ends.

In this harsh world of political intrigue, corporate espionage, and tough street life, you will take on any number of roles as a character who’s just trying to make it in the world.  Perhaps you’re a psychic and a rebel, seeking to diminish the reign of a giant megacorporation, or perhaps you’re a corporate drone whose only goal in life is to make it through the day so he can work again tomorrow (admittedly, the latter doesn’t sound as excited.)

Whatever the case may be, you’re about to enter a realm rife with possibilities and excitement, drama and action, intrigue and adventure.  You’ve just entered the world of Psi-punk, so buckle up – it’s going to be a crazy ride.
  From here out we will be discussing Psi-punk, its history, some of the game mechanics we're working on, and special promotions surrounding the game's launch.  There isn't a release date yet as we are still in the alpha stage, but as time goes by you will see the game grow, change, and ultimately make its way to your tabletop.  Feel free to leave any comments you may have and remember to check back for more information in the future!